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The Arts and Sciences: I was born with a creative spirit, a gift for teaching, love of science and a desire to help others. Even though I have always seen myself as a bit of a science “geek”, I have always gravitated toward the arts — using them for my own creative expression as well as for self-healing. I believe in the important balance (or should I say “dance”) between the two sides of the brain!

From Astrophysics to Dance: Initially, I went to college for an astrophysics degree, with goals of working for NASA and going to the moon someday. But the love of my daily dance and choreography elective classes finally swayed me toward a Dance Major. Through my uniquely science-based degree in dance, with focus on kinesiology and physiology, I learned quite a bit about the body and its intricacies, as well as an appreciation for the body’s innate wisdom. I now celebrate the communication between our minds and our bodies, as well as how they work together to help teach us about ourselves and what we need to live more fully.

My Dance Journey: For three decades, I have been a professional dancer, nationally award winning ballroom competitor, studio owner and sought after choreographer for everything from professional companies to high school musicals. I’ve choreographed for, taught and worked with thousands of students of all ages in various dance and movement styles, body awareness and self-care. 

Why Health Coaching? From my own personal and professional experience with chronic illness (Crohns), eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and having raised two children (one with special needs) both with health and dietary concerns, I understand the challenges people face in their search for nourishment, balance and healing. I see the need for enlightenment and kindness in the world — in how we treat others and ourselves, especially when it comes to our bodies, health and nourishment. Because of this, I want to help others to discover and claim their creative selves as a way to connect with their own authenticity, happiness, and healing.

What is Health “Choreography”? Yes, it’s a metaphor– a personal one for me, but I see it as a universal one too. It is the way I’ve come to think of my creative work with my own health “dance”.  As a choreographer, I respect the process of creating something unique as an expression of greater truths. I see all of our health journeys as both individual and also collective dances to be creatively designed towards optimum vitality. We all need to unlock our potential, discover our gifts and nourish the bodies we were given so we can fulfill our life goals.

Let’s choreograph your unique health dance together!!!

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“My own physicality, not an abstract idea, makes me a choreographer.”     ~Twyla Tharp

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